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We at Entopia Wines believe we have a moral obligation to preserve our natural environment. We believe that a continued focus on good environmental management is positive not only from a sustainability and good business practice point of view but will also help us create a better and a more healthy product.

Entopia Wines is committed to high standards of environmental performance across all of our business activities with a focus on the vineyard operations. We comply with the regulations set by the Department of Environment. We see this process as one of continuous improvement with an aim to minimize our environmental impacts.


As stated in our Environmental Policy Entopia Wines is committed to minimizing our environmental impacts. Our thinking and our approach to growing grapes and making wine, has always been one of moving towards biological farming practices.

Our approach is both philosophical and pragmatic in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility but also by improving our soils, the result is healthier fruit producing a much better quality wine. There are a number of ways we have approached this, as listed below.

Entopia Wines Environmental Plan In Action

Recycling – A recycling program in place for all paper, cardboard, glass & plastic (council recycling bins). We recycle empty wine boxes from the cellar door for reuse by offering them on Gumtree for free packing boxes.

Reducing – Where possible, we reduce our dependence on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides – adopting Integrated Pest Management strategies (IPM) and by utilizing the best available technology to apply and contain vineyard sprays.

Reducing – Water usage by using Drip Irrigation and only watering on an as needed bases.

Organics/bio-dynamics are now a big part of our vineyard management practice. We have adopted, and are integrating bio-dynamic practice and organic methods as part of our overall goal of achieving continuous improvements in the sustainability of our vineyard operations. We do not spray herbicides between the rows, but instead slash the green material as needed to control growth and then integrate it back to the soil.


Entopia Wines have maintained the philosophy to minimize the impact of viticultural practices on the natural environment and to endeavor to work in harmony with nature. Initially the land was turned from a pastoral property to a vineyard with parts of the land remaining nature reserves to provide habitat for the wildlife. The land adjacent to the Swan River has been left in its natural state.

The result has been an abundance of the bird life around the vineyard. Daily ibis can be seen feeding between the grape vine rows and Australian threatened species, the Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo feed in the Cape Lilac trees on our verge. With the onset of dusk birds perch themselves on posts and in the large trees that line the Swan River. The cacophony of birds arriving and departing the vineyard is music to our ears.

Entopia Wines has participated in the annual Birdlife Australia Challenge Count (December) for the last 3 years. Our resident twitcher Colin Ingram has identified 26 species in our vineyard including the Straw-necked ibis, glossy ibis, Australian ringneck, sacred kingfisher, galahs, striated pardalote, singing honeyeater, black-faced cuckoo-shrike, grey butcher bird, pied butcherbird, Australian raven, magpie lark, white faced heron, willy wagtail, silvereye, brown honeyeater, grey fantail, red wattle bird, Australian magpie, maned duck and laughing kookaburra. This year we have invited Birdlife WA to come and conduct an official bird count at Entopia Wines.

Entopia Wines aims to continue to grow our knowledge of the vineyard environment in a manner that is committed to the preservation of the areas unique wildlife, as well as enhancing visitor knowledge and enjoyment.


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